Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hiking in Upstate New York

This is one of my favorite places in NY- right off the highway, just before Lake Placid. It has a marvelous view of Mt. Marcy and some of the other high peaks. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours there (waiting to meet up with friends) a couple of weeks ago.

But! As lovely as it is, gazing up at the mountains from a meadow is not the same as looking across from the top of one of them!

My goal was to have hiked all 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks before finishing grad school, then it was getting married/having kids, and now it is before I am 30.

But since I am going to be 28 tomorrow, I am not sure if that goal will be met! I am just over halfway through them. If I could get a few more trips in (having babies in summer for two years in a row set me back!) I think the goal could be accomplished.

Oh, and if any of you want to give me $250 for a new tent, you are welcome. Haha ;)

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