Sunday, September 29, 2013

Backpacks of tears.

I decided to make these backpacks for the kids. You can get the pattern from Made by Rae here.

I renamed them to being the "backpacks of tears" I probably would add "and great lamentations" to the name, but they are cute. Actually, they are not even hard to make! My problem was just that I made both of them on a day when the kids were in a baaaad mood. And me. So the three of us together in bad moods + some other life events that were not super awesome left me making lots of little mistakes sewing. I ripped out so. many. stitches. BUT the end result was great. The pattern is awesome.

It takes very little fabric, so you can spurge on designer prints. I chose prints by Heather Ross and Michael Miller. If you made them with a separate print on the sides, you could totally do this with a fat quarter= Japanese Kokka print splurge on Etsy may be about to happen in this house.

They are fully lined which was startlingly easy.

The instructions also show how to make a quilted padded bottom and straps with adjustable D-rings.

I am glad to have a promising future of not carrying their stuff on our walks, haha.

Isn't this print the cutest thing ever? I love love love Heather Ross.

I am thinking about making them to sell on Etsy. Due to the cost of notions, fabric, license to sell, pattern, (HOURS OF SLAVE LABOR)etc... I would sell them for $35 each. There are a lot of others on Etsy for the same price. If anyone would be interested in buying one, send me an email and I'll get to work. ;) I kind of want to sell them just because I want to work with cute Kokka prints or more Heather Ross, haha.

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