Thursday, August 29, 2013

April Cornell on Zulily

I have been a fan of April Cornell for a while. Except I can't afford anything from that shop, ha. However, April Cornell clothes are on Zulily today, yay! It still is a little pricey, but the items are so lovely and elegant I still wanted to share them (especially if you have some Zulily credit saved up). I like looking at pictures of gorgeous clothing (that I almost never buy) to get ideas for future sewing projects.

$130. $49.99

$110. $42.99
$110. $44.99
$94. $36.99
$140. $49.99
$60. $27.99
$64. $24.99
$80. $32.99
Aren't these dresses so lovely? I really appreciate that April Cornell focuses on modest beauty. It isn't about how much skin you can get away with showing, but delicate and beautiful feminine detailing. The children's clothing is very appealing to me as well. Too often companies focus on making little girls little women. That aggravates me so often. When I was swimsuit shopping for my daughter I was shocked to find string bikinis for toddlers. What a horror! At any rate, April Cornell dresses girls like girls.

*As I have explained before, I have a Zulily account. If someone makes a new account (using my link) and purchases something, I get $20 credit. You do not need a blog to do the same thing! If you like Zulily, share it with your friends spread the good deals and to earn credit for yourself.

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  1. I love these clothes look so romantic! Unfortunately, I am completely unable to pull off that look.


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