Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wedding anniversary

Today is our anniversary- four years! It feels both very long and very short. :)

I really wish Pinterest existed back then! Ha!

Hydrangeas, roses, a sprig of heather (undying love for Scotland) and myrtle from my parent's house.

We were on a very tight budget. I actually did all of the floral arrangements myself. The night before. The morning of my wedding I was trying to scrape the green from under my nails, haha.

One of my favorite things was that my brother (who is an excellent musician) played "You Belong to Me" for our first dance. It was my grandparent's love song when they were young.

 My friend's mom (she was like my second mom through my entire childhood) made our cake. 

We had a lot of stressful events that day- most of them were due to my plans not being as thorough as I thought they were. Overall though, it all worked out with the extra help of some great people.

Then we spent two weeks in the Caribbean. That was awesome.


  1. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations on your anniversary. I agree about Pinterest. I told my husband that we're going to just have to have another wedding now that I have Pinterest. My little sister doesn't want a big wedding, the dress, or anything-just two witnesses and a pastor. All I can say to that is, 'But...Pinterest!"

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your wedding sounds very sweet without being OTT and having to spend a lot. I particularly like your dress and the cake!

  3. Many years and what a beautiful wedding (and picture!) you had! :)

  4. Lovely! Happy anniversary--I know what you mean about Pinterest, too. I had so much fun pinning for my SIL's wedding last fall.

  5. Many Years to you! What a lovely wedding. Ours was like that too. My bathtub was full of flowers the day before the wedding... no one could take a shower! :-)

  6. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!


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