Monday, July 1, 2013

Easy bread cutting and bread crumb saving.

I know, I know, two posts in one day? What is the world coming to? Ha. Any who, since this is time sensitive, I couldn't wait to share it.

I found this today on Zulily and ordered it like my dreams had come true. This bread board has a bamboo lattice so that the copious crumbs fall right through. Bread crumbs are one of my pet peeves with making fresh bread. I like freezing them until I have a lot, then I toast them with seasoning to make healthy bread crumbs (store bought ones have loads of preservatives and other junk). However, when cutting, they get all over my counter and that is just gross, so I throw them in the compost bin. Now I can easily collect them and save myself from a messy board. Hooray!

$96.00 $22.99


  1. Has it arrived and do you like it? I have been wondering if something like this was out there. I make my own bread too and have had the same problem. I'd love to hear your review once you've used it!

    (Just found your blog and I really like it!)


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