Monday, May 20, 2013

Easy shoelaces for kids

Amazon sells awesome elastic shoelaces. I replaced Daniel's annoying (someone frayed one of the laces, so I had to replace them) shoe laces with these nifty things. I AM SO GLAD I DID. The elastic laces are much tidier and SO. MUCH. easier to put on his feet.

The elastic laces that I got are for athletes, but the smallest size fit a toddler shoe. There was a little excess, but I just tied it off at the end. The knot comes apart sometimes, but could easily be rectified by tying it with a piece of thread. The best part is that when he grows out of these shoes, I can take the laces off and put them on his new shoes.

This isn't an official review or anything. Sure, if you use my link and purchase some I would get credit, but I really wanted to share it because it has helped me out so much. I thought other parents would find it beneficial as well.

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