Sunday, February 10, 2013


My little daughter loves to help me bake whenever she can. 
So what is up with all of this baking instead of sewing? I have been wondering that myself. I think it is because I have been on a recent quest to be a better cook. Sure, dresses are fun to make and are pretty and all that, but cookies are delicious.

I have also been trying to bake more common foods like bagels, bread and crackers. It is both to be healthier and to save money. I like it, but it takes a lot of effort.

Everything is going on well enough here. I did just get a vintage dress form that I am excited about using. It is adjustable, so now I can say goodbye to my size 0 plastic mannequin that has been on a starvation diet.


  1. Love the photo of little hands kneading dough! Baking is just so therapeutic, plus it's useful, frugal, and creative, and is a way of showing love. I share your enthusiasm! (And I would love to see your favorite bagel recipes.)

  2. Mmm...I ♥ homemade bread. We tried making bagels for the first time last year:

    Please share a pic of your new vintage dress!!!


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