Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A new twist to the spring top pattern

Remember how I was so excited about getting Heather Ross fabric? I finally got enough nerve to decide what to do with it, and more importantly, how to cut it. Cutting fabric with printed scenes is difficult. Especially if you are a cheapskate and  it cost $20 to procure one yard. If you would ever like some of this fabric, I believe it is discontinued, so snatch it up quickly on Etsy! It is called the Far Far Away print for Snow White.

I don't think it came out as good as it could have, but I am satisfied with it. I am branching out in pattern making and working on a more tailored look. The elastic bodice for the Spring Top pattern is incredibly easy to nurse in, but I am not thrilled about the bulk of fabric that it creates.

I love that the Seven Dwarves wear flannel and orange union suits!

I modified this version of the Spring Top by making it much longer. I have been getting more and more prudish with age and prefer wearing long shirts over jeans.

I decided to forgo adding a sash to tie in the back. I thought a sash would be a visual distraction against the clean lines of the trees.

I have been greatly inspired by a blog I recently found via Pinterest, called Made By Rae. Rae makes gorgeous women's clothing. Seeing her amazing top made out of the same fabric was what inspired me to buy the fabric in the first place. I highly encourage you to check out her blog and her gorgeous patterns.


  1. Ok wow this is so cool and beautiful to boot. Any chance you're selling this in your Etsy store? :) And if not this one, any plans to replicate the pattern you designed here with other fabrics?

  2. This is sooo gorgeous! I love Heather Ross and this print looks perfect with the shirt style! I love it! :)

  3. GREAT fabric and I love the dress; also too mature to wear tight clothes, now. :-(

    I wonder if I could somehow lengthen the sleeves at least to 3/4 (thinking out loud) :-)

    I'm not a seasoned seamtress so I appreciated your good tut.

    Thanks for sharing!


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