Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun with clothes

I can be quite unfair sometimes. I was just gone for five days. This weekend Matt had to leave for one night and I thought I was going to go crazy. Haha. I should just be glad he isn't in the military!

Dress: ShopRuche
Skirt: Plato's Closet (The brand name is in Japanese)
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
I love how adding a skirt beneath a dress can both add an interesting new dimension, as well as offer a couple of inches to a hemline. I own several dresses that are too high for my personal preference, but I wear them with layers! It has given me a ton more options when shopping.

Aside from that, I haven't really been wearing knee length dresses or skirts very often this summer- at least outdoors. Since we now live at a monastery, I pretty much only go out in floor length skirts. It sort of evokes the longing I have always had to wear fancy dresses all day and sit around sipping tea while basking in the aroma of giant peonies and roses. Except, now I catch myself wringing my wet hands after washing dishes and chubby toddler fingers with my skirts. Maybe not the same imagery. ;)

Why can't 18th century dresses come back in style? Like, we have been reliving the 1970's and 1980's for how many times now? I have been so happy to see some Edwardian inspired things over the past few months. I am pretty much sure it is all thanks to Downton Abbey. But still, lets get some 1790's going. Teehee.

I got this cardigan from Forever 21 on one of the most satisfying shopping trips I have had in years (last week). I also might have worn this dress with a floor length skirt to church this morning, haha.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I have been up to

Life has been going back to normal.

I still haven't done any sewing! I have gotten into cooking huge batches of food and putting it in the freezer though.

Best of all, I got to go hiking last week.

There are 46 high peaks in NY. I am halfway through them.

No picture ever does them justice.

I found some cool looking mushrooms.

I thought it looked like fairy garden or something, haha. 

T-shirt: 577 (?)
Dress that I wear as a top: Modcloth
Capri's: Old Navy from shop my closet at Freckles in April

Someday I will get my act together and get sewing. I got some dreamy designer fabric from Etsy (by Heather Ross) that I am going to make a top out of. It was the most expensive fabric I have ever purchased, so I want to get it right. I also got yards and yards of amazing gauzy floral fabric that I am envisioning several maxi skirts for my shop. That is all probably going to be after I finish my book project which I am hoping will be done within the next four weeks.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little one

I've tried writing this story over and over again to various friends. Often, by the time I am halfway through, I delete it all and replace it with a vague sentence or two. This leaves me feeling like I have told it so many times, but in reality, haven't.

I found out that I was pregnant about two weeks ago. It was a shock, but I was incredibly happy. 

I was very sick almost immediately, but was always reassured by it in that I knew the pregnancy was progressing. Last Monday the morning sickness stopped. Since every pregnancy is different, I tried to not get too hung up over it, but the next day other symptoms started to develop. Everything was still in the category of "normal" but still, I had such a sinking feeling that something was very wrong. It was. By the next day it was quite obvious. Unfortunately, by this point, I was already visiting family in another state. I couldn't safely drive- especially with both babies, so Matt met my family half way (after clearing it with my OB) so I could come home. 

We lost the baby that night, but, thank God, long after we were home and the other children tucked in bed.

It is amazing how devastated one can feel after such a short pregnancy. I always knew that this could happen, as it did before, but still I didn't expect it. For some reason, I was so certain that everything would end up fine. This isn't the place to convey the complexity of emotions (strengthened by pregnancy hormones that don't know what to do with themselves) so I won't write much more than that. It has been extremely hard, but everyone around me has been incredibly supportive.

We buried the baby yesterday at the Monastery cemetery. 

I made this tiny blanket for the baby to be buried with. It felt like the only labor of love that I would ever be able to do for the child.

Memory Eternal.
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