Thursday, July 12, 2012

An update

So, life happened. I thought that I would be only taking a couple of weeks off until we got the internet back, but then it turned into thirty days. That is a long time. In the midst of it all, we moved. There were a lot of unexpected things involved with that which were time consuming, but thankfully, we are much more settled  now. We love our new home.

I have at least one idea of a new project that I hope to do soon. I just haven't had the means to do a lot of sewing over the last month.

I am sorry for my absence, thank you all for your patience. :)


  1. Glad to see you back :) Can't wait to see what you sew next!

    Say x

  2. I realized I hadn't seen your blog recently and had just a little smidge of panic! I'm glad you all are okay...I'm glad you have a new home. New homes are fun and wonderful, putting things away...not so much and so time consuming. For me, I have to move things several times because they never look as good in real life as they do in my head! Anyway, I love your fashion and your tutorials are great and easy to understand. Thanks.

  3. Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) x

    /Malin @


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