Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life in May

Matt graduates this month! I can hardly believe it. He is finishing his last-ever choir trip today. I can't say how happy that makes me! Choir trips have felt like the bane of my happiness. I have so much respect for single parents/parents with spouses who travel/are in the military.

The kids are doing great! Katherine is talking more and Daniel is crawling all over the place. He knows the word "clap" and will do it when I ask. So cute! My uncle is getting married this coming weekend. I am super excited to see my extended family. I haven't seen my dear cousins in ages.

I finally figured out a use for this vintage dress I have had. I love the floral print, but it doesn't fit me very well as a dress- it is just too tight. I was going through my closet last night (a job I have been meaning to do for ages, I decided to do at midnight. Crazy.) and thought I would try wearing it as a shirt. Whoo hoo, it worked! It now may be my favorite "shirt." I am now thinking about cutting it up and hemming it to shirt length. It utterly pains me to cut into vintage clothing when it is very old. I wouldn't bat an eye lash at cutting up something from the 80's or 90's but, this- this is older than that. It must be my historian side coming out.

Top: Vintage dress
Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted!)
Cardigan: Gap

I have been trying to learn the penny whistle. Ah, it is a battle! I have gone too long without an instrument and seriously have to work on my timing/music reading.

Intsagram for Android! Like Christmas!
Little Buddy had some fun with a bagpipe chanter. Since Matt and I are playing all the time, they like to as well. Sometimes Katherine cries when I play. I don't blame her. I can sound pretty bad.

We move again in a few weeks!

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  1. I love your outfit! What a great use for a vintage dress!
    Ahhh--and you're learning the penny whistle?? Me too! I've learned a few techniques from YouTube videos and I've picked up a few hymns and classic tunes, though I really want to learn a reel or two,(:


  2. Congrats on your husbands upcoming graduation! I know how exciting that must be for you guys. One more year and then my hubby graduates too . . . it will be extremely exciting but then he does move on to the next phase in his education so we're not quite through yet. I know EXACTLY what you're going through with the "single" parenting thing. It's tough! It'll all be over before I know it though and then I'll probably miss these sweet days. What to go on wearing your clothes creatively too :) I wore a shirt backwards and underneath another shirt so the necklines would be more complementary the other week . . . felt funny doing it but it worked! :D

  3. I have just found your blog through a link up and I really like it! I love that skirt. Your baby is adorable too. I am also following you on pinterest as well. Hugs!


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