Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring rolls

I went to a friends' house a few weeks ago and had some delicious spring rolls. I decided to make some a few days ago. I can't say it is authentically Asian by any means, but it did taste good.

This may not be the most appetizing photograph.
I shredded some lettuce and cut some vegetables (thought they may have come previously cut {sheepish grin}). I used carrots, radishes, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms. I didn't cook it or anything. All spring rolls that I had previously eaten had been fried. I guess I should get out more. At any rate, then I whipped up some dipping sauce from this recipe.

It was easy and quite tasty- just in time for the end of Lent. ;)

Since, as Orthodox Christians, we normally abstain from meat and dairy twice a week, and all the time during Lent, I thought I would start linking up with this group on occasion. It is a link up of meatless recipes.

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  1. I absolutely love spring rolls! :) And just to let you know, I tagged you in my '11 things' post :)

    Say x


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