Saturday, March 24, 2012


Daniel is nearly 9 months old and often wakes 3-4 times per night to eat. Sometimes he wakes up once every hour for about three or so hours. Does anyone have any advice at how I might be able to cut back his eating so that I can get more normal sleep?


  1. I wish I had better advice -- but when Julia was nine months old we just went cold turkey and let her cry through her wake ups -- all of them. It saved me!It was rough the first few nights but she learned really quickly at that age.

    Now I'm sitting here listening to Sebastian scream -- fun!

    Hopefully you figure something out! Solidarity from here, for certain.

  2. I recommend checking out Elizabeth Pantley's book, "The No-Cry Sleep Solution." it can help you find a happy medium between total night weaning and/or "cry it out" and all night nursing marathons.


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