Sunday, February 26, 2012

More skirts: A pre-Etsy sale!

I made more skirts for the shop. Again, I am posting poorly lighted preliminary pictures because I have to do a real photo shoot somehow conjure up passable pictures. I usually do this by going outside, but it is super cold and icy and I am super sick.

This post is serving as a pre-Etsy sale. If you are interested, these are available for $18.00 each until posted on my shop. (Then they will be $20). Shipping is $3.00. If you are interested, email me.

This skirt has a creamy gauze lace over a tan lining topped off with a thick black elastic waistband.  Two skirts, both size small.
Another upcycled shirt! White and pink flowers on a black background. Very stretchy fabric- probably spandex.  Size small.


  1. these skirts make me wish I wasn't fat lol...great job! I am jealous of your awesome :-) Hope you can sell them! Sorry you're sick :-( Hope you didn't catch anything here!! :-/

  2. I especially love the first skirt. Too bad I'm not even close to a small :)


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