Thursday, December 15, 2011


I will be honest- as a mother, sometimes it is so hard to keep a good attitude. I find myself grumbling all the way to the nursery some nights when Daniel is waking me up to nurse. All I can imagine is that he is ruining my sleep... on purpose. At least, that is what one would think if my grumblings were heard by another.

Yet still, I have been able to find great solace in the thought that I should appreciate every moment- no matter how annoying- because one day they will be grown and I would do anything to go back to when they were little babies. So that is what I {try} to tell myself at 3am as I unwrap his squirmy body from the three blankets I swaddle him in, kiss his nose and spend those moments with him that I will one day remember as some of the most precious.


As a side note, I have been working on lots of crafty things, but I have been afraid to post them lest a family member unwittingly discovers a soon-to-be Christmas gift.


  1. Love love love the photo!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

  2. have you listined to the song: your going to miss this?

  3. I understand the feeling :-) (well, not the nursing part lol) Charlemagne wakes up randomly still...& I have to also remember someday I'll wish for these moments again :-)

  4. I can relate to needing to be thankful! it really makes such a difference!
    just found your blog... yay! I can tell I just found another blog friend! Wishing you all the best and look forward to reading more... :)


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