Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fairy tales and crazy adventures

"What is your favorite part about writing?"

This is the first prompt for NaBloPoMo. I guess this is more of a confession of how I started writing. Back in the day I loved to read. I felt like I could live a hundred different lives vicariously through the characters. After a  while, my dear cousins and I decided that we could take it up a notch. We could customize our own stories. This not only ensured us of the perfect romances, but also was a way for us to connect over the few hundred miles that separated us. Thus, we set out to work writing. My cousins also inspired me to write in general- since long distance phone calls (remember those days?!) was expensive, we wrote very long letters- quite often. The deepest of friends, our relationships back then was mainly cultivated through writing.

My cousins and I, several years ago, in Scotland.
I would say that the start of my academic writing was from my mother. I was homeschooled and for history one year she made me write a one page essay EVERYDAY for months. I cannot begin to say how helpful this was to me.

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  1. How splendid that you're doing NaBloPoMo. And I'm jealous that you've been to Scotland :) Also, I can imagine what a useful exercise daily essays were.


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