Monday, November 28, 2011

So I went AWOL

I guess "blogging everyday" turned into me taking one of the longest blog respites yet. Oh well.

I don't have anything crafty today, but I do have a cute video.

At the end credits of a Veggie Tales movie, Katherine started dancing. I laughed so hard I cried.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's OK, I can explain

So, blogging everyday? Phhhhh. Sure. Oops. You see, I have been super busy and when I wasn't busy, Matt was using the computer to write a nine page Bible study. Then I fell on a toy car and broke both of my legs and all of my fingers. I am typing with a pencil in my mouth.

Maybe not all of that was true.

So, the prompt for Monday was asking how do I make time for family- ow do I balance work, children and marriage.

Work for me has been almost non-existent since Daniel was born. I had planned to work how I did with Katherine, but it was just not happening. The stress factor of two babies just made it too hard to be able to focus. It still is hard, but I really want to get going again. I am hoping that our bigger living space will help as well. Since Katherine has more playing room, she has needed me less.

Matt and I get most of our time together after the babies go to bed. We have them on the same sleeping schedule  so that helps a lot. Bedtime is between 7 and 8, so we have a lot of time left in the night. We haven't gone on a date in ages though. I miss that a lot. I really want us to go out sans babies together. Since Daniel is starting to establish a consistent sleeping pattern, I am hoping that will start happening.

And now for a new video of Daniel! I took him for his four month check-up. He is 15 lbs, 8 oz and is doing great!

I made fake sneezes to entertain him. They are pretty funny.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Ah, finally a prompt that I can get into.

Do you listen to music while you write? What song did you listen to today?

Unless I am TRYING to inspire myself by listening to something epic like an instrumental sound track or Romantic Era piano music, I generally get distracted by one or the other. I can listen to music while I write but I don't pay very much attention to it.

Now I can talk about my favorite band. *yay*. Ah, Coldplay. I listened to their new album today, specifically The Princess of China. I was shocked when I downloaded the track to find that it also features Rihanna. At first I thought it would ruin the song, but thy actually sound great together.

I'm not really sure if this post is super irrelevant, so I will make it better by posting a link to my newest Katherine video. She is singing and dancing to Matt singing the Star Spangled Banner. Teehee


Do you prefer writing with a pen or typing?

It depends on what I am writing. I generally prefer to type so that I can edit as much as I would like without having to rewrite everything. However, back in the day, I used to only be able to write if I was writing in a notebook. I actually found some of my old writings. (Though I do think this was typed.)

Leaves rustle gently in the eternal silence
That falls slowly over the fading trees echoing
In the blowing wind that floods over the valley

Snow falls from heaven mingling with
Dead leaves on the dark barren ground
Ravished by autumn’s cruel storms

My thoughts fall and fade as the snow
Cascades softly down as each new thought
Overtakes the other slowly dying.

I used to be still am pretty melodramatic.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I wasn't lying, really.

So, the day I declared myself to blog every day for the next month, I got a surprise. Bam. I got sick, plus the internet stopped working on my laptop {again}. Oh pickles! I am still sick and have had a headache for hours, but I am determined to not let another day pass.

Without further Adieu,

If you knew that the next thing you are would be your last meal, what would it be?

A bowl of white rice.

I would each each grain separately. This why my life could be extended right? No one said how long AFTER the meal death would be.

I actually wrote a whole post for this already and found it pretty lame. I couldn't think of an angle to make this prompt interesting. So I figured I would use it to segue to my new favorite cookbook. I actually read this cookbook like a novel. It is that good. Nigel Slater writes each recipe like you are sitting in the kitchen with him; descriptions are almost "cozy." I feel like I am rereading the Hobbit. A plus for my Anglophile self is that he is a British author. In fact, my British friend gave the book to me.
The recipes really are very quick. Also, this book helped me to appreciate simple foods more. I realized that a few select quality ingredients really can go a long way- even on a budget. For example, I am done with those little cans of grated Parmesan. I bought a brick of fresh Romano and Parmesan and started to shred as needed. This not only brings up the level of taste by a lot, it also lasts for quite a while because you don't need as much of it. Keep in mind that this s just Matt and I. I don't know what it would be like cooking for more people.

So that is it. Run. Run to the library or bookstore and get this book.  Now for my next post.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fairy tales and crazy adventures

"What is your favorite part about writing?"

This is the first prompt for NaBloPoMo. I guess this is more of a confession of how I started writing. Back in the day I loved to read. I felt like I could live a hundred different lives vicariously through the characters. After a  while, my dear cousins and I decided that we could take it up a notch. We could customize our own stories. This not only ensured us of the perfect romances, but also was a way for us to connect over the few hundred miles that separated us. Thus, we set out to work writing. My cousins also inspired me to write in general- since long distance phone calls (remember those days?!) was expensive, we wrote very long letters- quite often. The deepest of friends, our relationships back then was mainly cultivated through writing.

My cousins and I, several years ago, in Scotland.
I would say that the start of my academic writing was from my mother. I was homeschooled and for history one year she made me write a one page essay EVERYDAY for months. I cannot begin to say how helpful this was to me.

Look out the NaBloPoMo Bandwagon is heading out- and I'm jumping on.

I've been needing something to help me get back into blogging after the move. I worked like an insane person and got the new place in order, but I don't feel that I have done anything blog worthy. Or if I did, I don't have pictures proof of it. At any rate, between being tired from working and suffering with a spotty internet, I have pretty much been AWOL from everything.

Any who, some lovely ladies I know are participating in the NaBloPoMo, which is a fancy acronym for National Blog Posting Month, hosted by Blog Her in which bloggers blog everyday for a month. I am (sigh) three days behind since this shin dig started on the first.

Here goes!
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