Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Wow, a lot can change in a super short amount of time. Our apartment is super small and closed in. There are no open doorways from one room to the next. Each room is only connected to the hallway. Don't get me wrong, I love this place, but it is simply quite difficult to raise two babies in such a small area. We had planned on staying here, but we recently came across a place (the other half of a duplex that our friends live in) that is only a little more for rent and is bigger.

We saw the place yesterday and we are moving Friday. I already emptied out part of our car trunk. It is happening so fast, it doesn't seem real.

Though we have one month left at our current residence, our new landlord is being very generous and letting us move in early. This way we can have a smoother transition into the new place.

I am very excited, but sad too because I have so many happy memories here. It is my home that I have grown to love. We have lived here for most of our marriage- just looking around the rooms reminds me of countless happy times. However, I know having more space to move around in will be worth it. Granted, it is not TONS bigger, but it will suffice for what we need over the next few months.


  1. Congratulations!! Hope you love the new place!

  2. How exciting! I have love/hate relationship with moving-- I've done it a lot in my life. My best advice: label your boxes well! Not just with rooms, with the type of items. Specifically list things you think are important. Makes life much easier when you're trying to find the ladle or an extension cord or whatever.

  3. Moving is always bittersweet. Enjoy the new space for your family.


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