Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little owls

I have been getting pretty sentimental about Katherine getting bigger. I have been going through her old clothes to see what can leave. At the same time I have been planning on making some little stuffed toys for her. It suddenly occurred to me that I should use some of her old clothes to make them. It would not only be free, but something that would be more special to me to her.

I get sad holding these old clothes, haha. 
I traced the shapes that I wanted to use. 
I am not going to give a detailed explanation of what I did as it is pretty straightforward. Cut out the shapes, sew them together and bang. I used the shredded remains of the clothing to stuff the toys with.
These might look more like birds than owls, but hey.

And then Katherine blissfully carried them around the room for the next hour. Actually, I had to keep handing them to her to take pictures because she was having more fun dropping them off the chair. Sigh. She will like them more when she is older, haha.


  1. That is such a sweet idea! Our little girl had two of those outfits as well :)

  2. That is true, hehe. I meant "generic" birds.

  3. if you have more clothes you do not use you could send them to me ...


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