Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post-birthday bliss

My birthday was yesterday, yay me! Overall, it was a great day though it had some lame times. It was predominately based on Daniel barely sleeping the night before. Not fun. Matt watched Katherine so I could do shopping. I went to a thrift store and had a good time. He got me an ice cream cake and a present that has not come in the mail yet, so I still don't know what it is, but I am excited.

Last night we decided to camp out in the living room so that I would stop shoving a pacifier in his mouth whenever he moved Daniel could sleep by himself. The difference was phenomenal. I am a light sleeper and usually go on auto pilot when he stirs. Without that interference, he slept until dawn, then even more after that.

In other news, if the current rate continues, I will probably be investing in wigs in a few days. I thought that I had escaped the post-pregnancy hair loss. Nope. It is kind of scary, but I'll live.

I kind of miss the 21 day challenge, but I was super happy to wear jeans today. I DID dress up for my birthday though. This is it:

Shirt: gift; belt: Nine West; skirt; made by me; petticoat: its in Japanese so IDK;  boots: Khols
Here is a funny video of Katherine. If I already posted it, forget this.

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