Friday, September 16, 2011

The giveaway of your dreams

This is probably the best giveaway that you could ever find on a blog. Why? Because it is for an exclusive, original, beautiful, lovely, fantastic, amazing bag, (cough)made by me.

What?! You are probably screaming as you stare bleary eyed at the computer screen as you pick yourself off of the floor from where you just fainted. This can't be true!


I am trying to learn how to use white space in photos This is what it would look like in heaven. 
Just the right size for a small book.

Haha, for real though, I thought I would do a giveaway for my lovely (excluding Fr. Andreas) readers. I made this bag a while ago. I love the blue miniature rose print. The bag is small- perfect to take when you need to bring a few things, but don't want to lug around a big bag.

The top right corner features a fabric flower. 
To enter you must leave a comment.

For additional entries (leave a separate comment for each):
1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Tell me your favorite item from my Etsy Shop.
3. Post on any blog/Facebook/Twitter about this giveaway. You can even plagiarize my pictures for it.

The last day to enter is 10/01. Winners will be selected via a random drawing. I will mail the bag to you; consequently, unless you want to pay postage, this can only be available for delivery to the United States.

 You can use this code if you wish.
So there you go. Even if you hate this bag, just think, it could be a present for someone you don't like. SO ENTER ANYWAY. Haha, kidding, kidding. But seriously.


  1. For some reason my comments were not working earlier. I am transferring SM from Facebook's comment here.

  2. This one counts for KF who also had the same problem.

  3. This is great blog post. It had me chuckling. I would love to win this bag.

  4. Okay, I blogged about the giveaway! My favorite item in your shop is the bag with the tan/pink roses fabric and the matching accessory case. And I don't know how one becomes an official blog follower, but I do check in regularly!

  5. Rebekah, you are a riot! Right up my alley, honey!

    I think that's a darling purse.

    (comment #1)

  6. Ok, my favorite item from your Etsy shop is that pretty dusky pink purse. So cute and I love the color!

    (comment #2)

  7. Well, you know I've been following you for a while...

    (Getting bored yet? (: ...comment #3...)

  8. I talked you up!

    (comment #4 and last!)

  9. Cute bag! The winner would have a very lucky enemy if she gave it to someone she didn't like.

    And I'm wondering is Fr. Andreas not lovely or not eligible to win? :)


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