Friday, September 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Wear something on your head

For this challenge I braided and pinned up my hair. I used a fabric flower that I made to hide the pins. I also chose to wear my re-mix dress again, thus fulfilling the three times requirement.

Shirt: Old Navy; skirt/dress: my re-mix item from Burlington Coat Factory

I have never tried this look before and will definitely be using it again.


  1. Your hair looks lovely that way. Seems like a nice way to wear it down but keep it out of your face.

  2. Your hair looks great. Braids make the world a little more classy, in my opinion.

  3. You should definitely do it again, I'm a fan of hair accessories.

  4. Such a great look on you! I've been enjoying this series of posts, and I think this is one of my favorites.


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