Thursday, September 1, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Statement Jewelry

Necklace: vintage; top: Forever 21; skirt: Made by me
BTW: This is the skirt that I fixed yesterday. I like it so much more now.

I think I may have gotten this from my dad who got a lot of old jewelry from an auction once.

I made scones today. Real British scones. 

Katherine is now walking!


  1. I think I have that necklace and the matching earrings! My mom bought them from Avon when I was a kid. I should wear it; it looks great!

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  3. Love this one! Very flattering, and the necklace definitely adds interest.

    The phrase "a place of verdure" comes from the Memorial Trisagion that's said at various times. In our parish we have this brief service at least once a month after Holy Liturgy (sometimes much more) for yearly memorials, or 40th day after departure from this life, etc.

    Here's the one we use, but I was right with my hunch about varying translations. I found another that used "place of refreshment," which is not nearly as evocative to me. I wonder what it is in the Greek. Have to ask my hubby to check.

    Sorry so long! I should do a post on this at my blog :)


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