Friday, August 5, 2011

Hobbit corn, or in other words: Why I should have used fertilizer.

Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to go to the back yard and bring in some fresh no-pesticide corn to have at a meal? Remember, this would be the corn that grew from the lot that you weeded, cultivated and planted... when you were pregnant- very pregnant.

Well, that would have been my dream. This is what I found:

The chair is there to offer a size comparison.
 So, the corn is super small.

Kind of cute though, right?

Frodo and Sam would have approved.
Katherine thought it looked like fun.
My mom, with many years of corn growing experience, told me that it happened because the soil was not rich enough. I even HAD fertilizer, but didn't think I needed it. Next year!


  1. Very cute corn. I linked over here from Praying with my Feet. We also were recently at St. Tikhon's, but only for a year, so we probably just missed you!

  2. Well, at least you got some. Corn isn't something I've tried growing yet, but I don't have a very green thumb. My pesticide free plants end up a pest smorgasbord. So far I do pretty well with herbs and tomatoes, though.

  3. I have to say that's pretty darned cute! I can't even get flowers to grow right now. Argh!


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