Monday, August 8, 2011

The fourth plague hits our kitchen

"...Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground whereon they are." Exodus 8:21

Fruit flies. Everywhere. It started several weeks ago when Matt and I both forgot about garbage night. They came. We have been sore troubled trying to get rid of them. Since we have a lot of fruit in the house, it has been nearly impossible trying to get rid of them. Cleaning everything hasn't been working- especially when fruit can over-ripen so quickly.

After many unsuccessful attempts of ridding ourselves of them, we bought a fly tape and that has worked wonders. But really- who wants a nasty tape hanging around? 

I looked up ways of ending this infestation. I found this site to be very helpful. This great resource had a guide on making a trap. I did it, and it has worked so well.

To make one yourself, just take a canning jar and fill the bottom with delightful nastiness. I added a little red wine, and fruit and vegetable scraps. Mmmmmm. After that, make a funnel (with a tiny opening) with paper and tape it to the jar. They can't get out! Genius. Thank you WikiHow.

The outer circle is a reference to Dante's Inferno. 

I found this to be very disturbing, but the site also recommended flushing your sink drain with a cup of hot white vinegar. Apparently drains make nice hatching grounds. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely take the thought of it. Yuck yuck yuck. You can believe I dumped vinegar down our drains, haha. 


  1. I've found that putting all the fruit in the refrigerator helps, too. They can't get to it there, so the trap is even more enticing. I like the funnel idea. We usually poke holes in the lid of a jar, which works OK, but this sounds even better.

  2. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that. We did that too. The problem is that the fruit that we had didn't react well to the refrigerator. I think holes in a lid sounds pretty awesome too. Oh, do I hate fruit flies, lol.

  3. I hate fruit flies too and the funnel idea is really neat. We haven't had any in a while but it will inevitably happen again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's informative. I liked the first trick.

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