Thursday, August 11, 2011

21 Day Challenge

Well, well, well, I am going to be trying something new.

 I am going to be participating in the 21 Day Challenge hosted by Freckles in April. Yep, that means I am going to be washing dishes and changing diapers in style.

Why? Well, I love putting outfits together. However, due to having one car and Matt taking it to work, I don't get out much. You see, I am used to either going to work or class every day for the past 8-ish years. Now I have a good excuse to dress up a bit more while I am home. Plus, this event has AMAZING prizes *crosses fingers, looks to the sky and begs to win one.*

21 Day Challenge

If you are interested, it will be starting August 15th. You don't have to participate everyday. You also don't have to be a fashionista- anyone can try (like me).


  1. Awesome! Will you be posting pics here too, or just on flickr?

  2. I'm not surprised you'd not seen my blog before, I post so sporadically! I've been reading yours for a few months, and I think I commented to introduce myself at some point, but it was probably right around the time your son was born, so you had other things on your mind. Thanks for sharing about the challenge.


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