Tuesday, August 30, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Menswear

Part one:
This one had me stumped. All day. I even considered giving up.

Part two: I have been practically drooling over Oxfords. I have spent way to much time looking them up online and trying to find a good deal. Today I made the plunge and got them. While I was happily trying them after getting home it suddenly occured to me that they would count for today's challenge! Woot! Thank you Kayla for posting Oxfords as an inspiration because I would never have made the connection.

Top: Forever 21; cardigan: Gap; skirt: Banana Republic; socks: Chinese Laundry; Oxfords: Target
I really really really wish that our lighting was better. It was too late to go outside to get a better shot.

Vintage makes my heart melt, lol.
I have learned a lot from this challenge. I hate to say this but looking at some of my posts in this challenge makes me cringe. It is not because the prompts were bad- not by any means. I cringe because after I have been looking at other people's posts and really contemplating my choices, I think that some of my selections were rather frumpy. I am glad though because if it were not for this challenge I would not have realized and would have kept doing the same thing. I think I have benefited a lot from this.

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  1. I like the shoes! And that skirt is a good length on you. I feel very similarly to you about the challenge. I'm trying to learn from these stylish ladies without feeling jealous and coveting their clothes, but it's a humbling experience, to be sure. :-)


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