Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Fix something

This challenge was great for me.  have a heap of things that I have to fix. A heap, I tell you. Since I HAD to fix at least one thing, it got me motivated to get a lot more done. I not only fixed the skirt I used for today but I also made an entire new waistband on a skirt that I made a while ago (never measure a waistband when you are pregnant and expect to wear it afterwards, haha), fixed ripped stitches in my fav vintage dress and repaired Matt's cassock. Phew! Thank you Kayla. I have been meaning to do these things for days. Actually, I left the sewing machine out for nearly a week so I could get this done.

I have mixed feelings about this photo that you are about to see. I waited ALL DAY for Matt to get home to take a picture. As I was finally going to ask him, I came in the room to find the poor man falling asleep on the couch. This morning he got up for me to take Katherine as I had a headache. He took care of her until he had to get ready for work. After spending the day working he went to church and served, came home and helped me a little more with the babies. This man deserved to rest and not be pestered to take pictures! So, sigh, I realized how incredibly easy it was to make a makeshift tripod. Now I know that I can do these pictures myself when the lighting is so much better. I am pretty psyched about that, but wish that I realized it sooner! I did all kinds of editing trying to make the picture look less dark.

Cardigan: Gap; dress: Burligton Coat Factory (my re-mix item); layered skirt: tag in foreign language; shoes: Walmart.
So, this was my re-mix item. I went to Plato's Closet yesterday and found this adorable brown skirt with a lace trim. It is *perfect* for using as a petticoat and layering under a dress to either have a little lace show OR to simply add length to a dress that is a little too short. I promise, the layering is a lot more even than how it looks in the picture (bows head in shame). I have seen this technique on other blogs and love it. I am pretty psyched to have a skirt to do this with in the future.

The repair I did was to fix the ribbons on the inside of the petticoat. It is meant to be able to tie up inside to create varying lengths for the hem. Some of the ribbons were about to fall off so I fixed them.


  1. The first time I visited your blog I knew by the name alone that I wanted to follow it. :-) Every time I see your header it makes me think of the 23rd psalm. Mine is from the memorial service: I would assume you would recognize it, but one never knows how translations vary between jurisdictions.

    This is a pretty outfit. I love your dress. What a best idea to wear the skirt as a petticoat. The adjustable length will make it really versatile. Great job getting so much mending done!

  2. This one is my favorite so far! I love layering, and your petticoat sounds awesome.


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