Sunday, August 28, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Twelve? Eleven? IDK

I really regretted what I wore after leaving the house this morning. Since we were being hit by the tropical storm from Irene, it was, well it was wet. Very wet. I was drenched just walking to the car and buckling Daniel in. I was so cold! Fortunetely, my shirt dried during the hour+ drive to church and I, after that, felt fine.

I don't think I met this challenge very well: copy an outfit from a blog or lookbook. Heh. I spent a long time just trying to find an outfit picture that had clothes like what I own. It was probably harder because I was tired when I was doing it. I copy ideas from blogs, etc... but have never before copied a whole outfit.
This is the outfit that I like from the Ruche lookbook for spring.

The cardigan was the inspiration I used to upcycle one of my old silk shirts. You can see the tutorial here.

Cardigan: made by me; skirt: J. Crew; necklace: Icings
I do not own grey pants, so I wore a grey skirt. Does this count? I don't know, but it was the closest I could get due to all of the crazy schedule we had this weekend.


  1. I think your outfit definitely captures the same soft and romantic spirit as your inspiration! And the cardigan you made if so pretty.

  2. I LOVE that cardigan! I have a silk shirt in mind, now I'll just search for some 3" lace on sale. I am so making one of these.

    Thanks for the tutorial, and I think you did a lovely job on the outfit!

  3. Pretty! I think this might be my favorite so far of your challenge outfits. I took an inspiration picture with pants and wore a shirt also. I figured the picture was a starting point and we didh't need to be exact. I hope you're staying dry now and not too troubled by the storm.


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