Saturday, August 27, 2011

21 Day Challenge Day Twelve and Daniel's Baptism

Wear a neutral with a pop of color.

OK, so I am going to do a more in depth picture post of baptism pictures, etc..., but since I am super tired and have to be up early tomorrow, I want to get my challenge picture posted.
Our priest (also the abbot of the monastery) me, Daniel, Matt, Katherine and Jesse (godfather)
Since so many pictures were being taken at the baptism, I decided to use an outfit picture from that. I guess I probably should have taken one of just me so you can see the outfit, but I didn't and now it is too late. I like this picture a lot though, so just take my word for it- I am wearing a hidden belt.
(Top: Nursing shirt from Gap; skirt: the one that I made yesterday; scarf: vintage; shoes: DC; belt: Nine West.

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