Wednesday, August 17, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Three

Pattern mixing Horror of horrors
 This is scary stuff for me. I have been awed by other real fashion bloggers who pull this off with great success. I even laid awake this morning trying to think of what to combine. One of the hardest parts is that I have barely any patterned shirts. I was kind of surprised to realize this.

Cardigan: free; Tee: Aeropostale; dress: Charlotte Ruse; shoes: The Shoe Depot; necklace: Icings 
I really have to find a better way to pose. I tried another, but it is kind of funny. Why does Matt have to be working when I want him to take pictures for me?

You can laugh.
If you didn't notice this, I will point it out. I decided to mix three patterns. Ha.
Somehow this picture is brighter than the others.
This necklace was a gift from my mother when I had Daniel. I love it! I only have two long necklaces. Since I like to wear my cross necklace all of the time, I like having a longer one to go over whatever shirt I am wearing. 
If you are interested, check out the other participants in the challenge. They are amazing. It really helps to see what other people are doing when you have a limited wardrobe/budget. Seeing other people's work has helped me to create new outfits from stuff that I already have that I would have never thought to combine.

21 Day Challenge


  1. Mixing three patterns, that's daring, but nice job!

  2. I like the reading pose! I feel like a goofball getting my picture taken, but I'm so glad I tried this. I'm actually really enjoying trying clothes I wouldn't normally wear together.

    Good going with three patterns--I like the paisley.

  3. I'm glad you're finding inspiration in others' outfits. That's what I'm here to find as well. Congrats on mixing three patterns, and finding such a wonderful new pose. =)


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