Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Seven

Layer accessories

I usually wear two bracelets, so I thought I would add to them for today.

The black one is really a hairband. I just like them- I like the simple black band look, plus a hairband is always nearby. I know it isn't super fashionable, but whatevs. The blue knotted bracelet and the wooden beads are both prayer ropes. The words on the blue one are in Slavonic that says "Save and protect." The wooden beads are, I think, from Jerusalem. I got them from a monastery in Arizona. The nuns were making and selling them to help raise money to build a church. The last bracelet has mini icons on it. I usually only wear the blue and wooden bracelets, but I like the look of the others, so that is what I did differently today. Obviously, the reason I wear them is for personal devotion, but since I always like how they look, I thought it would count for today's challenge.


  1. Great bracelets! So easy to layer huh? And fun too!

  2. We have similar taste.;) I usually were a ponytail holder and two prayer ropes and sometimes a watch too.

  3. Beautiful prayer ropes. And I love the bracelet with the icons; I've never seen one like that before.


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