Thursday, August 18, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Four

Color Blocking

This is pretty much all that I wear. I like solid colors. I probably wear then in a boring way though. I am glad that I decided to try this challenge because it has helped me to realize I am not a fashionista.

Shirt: Target; Skirt: made by me

Ha! You may notice that my shirt is STAINED. Well, as I said in a previous post that my clothes are 24/7 in risk of being soiled by babies. This one, however, I did not expect: blood. Yes, a few minutes before the picture, Katherine basically spit blood all over me. I felt so badly for her. She bit her tongue pretty hard. She is ok, but my shirt needs a cold wash.

And now, a final moment from Katherine:

This was recorded yesterday.

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  1. Your link on the challenge page didn't work for me. I'm trying to catch up on my feed reader now.

    How great that you made your skirt! I don't have babies, but I manage to stain my clothes all on my own. Cooking oil is the biggest culprit. Blood is not unheard of though. Glad Katherine is ok.


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