Thursday, August 25, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Eleven

Wear a dress or skirt.

When I was little I wore dresses all of the time. Seriously. I remember once my mom told me I had to wear pants. What did I do? I wore a dress as a shirt and stuck the skirt part into the pants. I probably looked ridiculous, but I obeyed and my mom probably thought twice about how she told me to dress the next time. Though I took a hiatus from dress/skirt wearing for a while, I now wear them all of the time- especially in summer.

I decided to make this skirt today. It was super super easy as the fabric did not have to be hemmed. I wish I had a closer view of the skirt in this picture, but oh well- a future post!

Shirt: Charlotte Rouse; skirt: made by me; belt: Nine West; shoes: Walmart
I am glad that I have been doing this challenge as it has been helping me to see how I can get more use out of my clothes without feeling I have to buy more. I also like how a few simple techniques can reallyget dress up an outfit. What I don't like is how self-conscious I feel! I feel like such a poser compared to so many other participants. I wish I was a fashion blogger, but yeah. lol.

Question of the day: I have been thinking about getting Oxfords. What do you think?


  1. Oh my word. I don't remember the challenge being, "Go MAKE a skirt and then wear it!" Way to show us all up. :-) It looks really cute, I'm so impressed!

  2. Pretty skirt! How great that you made it! I vote yes to Oxfords.


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