Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A whole lot of craziness

Aside from checking my phone for updates, I have not spent any/much time online for days. Things are settling into more of a groove now. The first couple of days home included too much of something new to us: both babies crying at the same time.

I hate using the word 'jealous,' because it has such a negative connotation. Katherine has been feeling sad. I can see it on her face. She looks longingly at me when I am nursing Daniel or even holding him. She wants to climb up on my lap a lot more than usual, but when she gets there she gets bored and doesn't want to stay. I can see it all over her that she is not having an easy time dealing with another baby. I am feeling better today and have found an easier way to deal with it. Firstly, if he starts crying and I am doing something with her (and I know he is fine to wait a couple of minutes) I will make the point to stay with her a little longer so she knows she is important too. I have been letting her nurse for as long as she wants almost whenever she wants. I know she will get bored of it and go back to her old pattern in a little while. I also found that sitting on the floor helps a lot because a lot of times she doesn't want to play with me, but she wants to be near me. I can also play with her now and then when she is crawling by. I have also been leaving him in the other room while he sleeps (or handing him off to someone else) so she and I can have plenty of one-on-one time.

I can't say I am very consistent with all of these things, but this is an idea of what I have been trying. Today she was very happy while playing with me. I think it is working. I can't blame her for being sad- it must be so hard for a little baby to adjust to another little baby.

We don't yet have a good family photo. This was from the first day.

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