Wednesday, July 20, 2011

St Tikhon's Mission Choir- Hear a sample

As I have mentioned before, Matt is on the Mission Choir for St. Tikhon's Orthodox Christian Seminary. I love to listen to them and have long hoped for a CD. I will unabashedly admit that I wanted one specifically with Matt singing so I could always listen to it n the future. Awe, sigh* Anyway, when I found out that the recording date was scheduled for MY DUE DATE I got pretty concerned. It all worked out though, so he is on the new CD. It will be for sale at the end of summer, but for now, here is a sample. :)

(Matt is in the far right)


  1. That's very pretty. Pardon me being nosy, but why do you live at a monastery?

    1. My husband just finished seminary and is now working for the monastery. Part of him working for the monks is that we get to live in one of the monastery's houses. We love it!


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