Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awesome magnets

So, in the midst of caring for two little babies, I found the time to not only make a five course meal, but also a new craft. I have been meaning to photograph and post this project that I made a year ago.

It is super easy and can make an lovely, yet inexpensive housewarming, shower, or hostess gift. It can also be modified for a simple rainy day craft for children.

I originally got the idea from my hero, Martha Stewart. The original tutorial can be found here.

All you need are some pictures to use as a backing, strong magnets (craft store), photo-safe glue, hot glue and flat glass marbles (dollar store).

Simply cut out the picture, glue to the back of the marble, allow to dry, then attatch magnet with hot glue.

I used vintage postage stamps, scrapbook paper, photos, vintage sheet music and magazine cut-outs. You can use anything.
This one was made from a vintage postage stamp. The Erie Canal used to pass through my hometown.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Free shipping and 20% discount

Since I have been featuring Shabby Apple Dresses on my blog, I have also been getting emails for promotions to share with my readers. With the code: SUMMER20 you will not only get 20% off your order, but also get free shipping as well.

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Click the picture to go to the website. :)

While we are at it, I thought I would share my favorites:
This one is my favorite of them all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some recent photos

One of several breakdowns at the hospital. 
Another hospital picture.
It is difficult to get a sibling photo as when Katherine is not upset about him, she is wanting to poke and prod him. 
Daniel is generally content to just be near us when he is awake.

This one always makes me smile.

Booties made by a friend. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

St Tikhon's Mission Choir- Hear a sample

As I have mentioned before, Matt is on the Mission Choir for St. Tikhon's Orthodox Christian Seminary. I love to listen to them and have long hoped for a CD. I will unabashedly admit that I wanted one specifically with Matt singing so I could always listen to it n the future. Awe, sigh* Anyway, when I found out that the recording date was scheduled for MY DUE DATE I got pretty concerned. It all worked out though, so he is on the new CD. It will be for sale at the end of summer, but for now, here is a sample. :)

(Matt is in the far right)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank you, good readers.

Thank you for not unsubscribing me! I really want to get back to blogging interesting things soon. It has been rough trying to recuperate and also take care of a newborn. Blogging is one of those things right now that is a nice thought, but not something I am/was going to be doing a lot of. I hope that this week will bring more posts!

Daniel is doing very well and is a super sleeper/nurser. Katherine is still jealous of him, so I have to be careful with her feelings. At least it is nice to know how much she thinks of me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A whole lot of craziness

Aside from checking my phone for updates, I have not spent any/much time online for days. Things are settling into more of a groove now. The first couple of days home included too much of something new to us: both babies crying at the same time.

I hate using the word 'jealous,' because it has such a negative connotation. Katherine has been feeling sad. I can see it on her face. She looks longingly at me when I am nursing Daniel or even holding him. She wants to climb up on my lap a lot more than usual, but when she gets there she gets bored and doesn't want to stay. I can see it all over her that she is not having an easy time dealing with another baby. I am feeling better today and have found an easier way to deal with it. Firstly, if he starts crying and I am doing something with her (and I know he is fine to wait a couple of minutes) I will make the point to stay with her a little longer so she knows she is important too. I have been letting her nurse for as long as she wants almost whenever she wants. I know she will get bored of it and go back to her old pattern in a little while. I also found that sitting on the floor helps a lot because a lot of times she doesn't want to play with me, but she wants to be near me. I can also play with her now and then when she is crawling by. I have also been leaving him in the other room while he sleeps (or handing him off to someone else) so she and I can have plenty of one-on-one time.

I can't say I am very consistent with all of these things, but this is an idea of what I have been trying. Today she was very happy while playing with me. I think it is working. I can't blame her for being sad- it must be so hard for a little baby to adjust to another little baby.

We don't yet have a good family photo. This was from the first day.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome Daniel!

Do not ever succumb to the insane thought that God has abandoned you. God knows exactly how much one can endure and, according to that, measures the sufferings and pains of everyone.
-St. Nikolai Velimirovich

 9 lbs 10 oz; fifteen inches long and born 7-7-11 at 3:13 am.

I think I am destined to have harrowing births.

I found out yesterday that I had to be scheduled for an induction today.  Tomorrow, I would have been two weeks overdue and my midwife who I have a great relationship with wasn't working that day. I was devastated. I have been reading so much about natural birth and natural pain managment. After Katherine's birth, I wanted to prove to myself that my body could do this on its own.

Well, my mother came down yesterday from upstate NY to watch Katherine for the big day. As a way of raising my spirits, she watched Katherine so Matt and I could go on our second date sans child since Katherine was born. We had a lovely time at Starbucks, a movie and just driving.

About 20 minutes or so after we got home, my water broke. So I thought. Actually, my placenta was literally rupturing and breaking apart. Matt rushed me to the hospital (probably faster than an ambulance) where we realized the seriousness of what was going on. I was given medicine and started intense monitoring. I don't know half of they did- it was all so quick. It was ominous that something was terribly wrong because of the rushed, quiet, strained seriousness of the doctor, midwife and nurses. Of course, it was immediately declared that I needed an emergency Cesarean. Afterwards it was expressed more than once how good it was that Matt drove so quickly- this story could have had a completely different ending.

Thanks to everyone's prayers, I was very calm at the time. Yes, I was freaked out, but mostly because I never had surgery before and I was in a lot of pain because, oh, I forgot to mention- it triggered me into intense labor.

I had stumbled across a powerful saint's quote a couple of days ago that I had been reminding myself over and over again- it fitted beautifully into this moment. It goes to the effect of- when you feel like you have been abandoned by God just remember that he never gives you more than you can handle. What feels like his absence is just what he is allowing to happen because he knows what is good for you. The whole time I was able to pray and also remember that though it all looked scary- he was in control and would not let me suffer more than what I could take. It made me realize that I was strong enough to handle the pain, the fact that everyone was freaked out, the surgery, and that our son was in God's hands.

To make a long story short, the surgery was quick and successful. Daniel is a strong, healthy little man. I am feeling great considering everything. I am also slightly loopy from painkillers. ;)

Clear liquid meals are so lovely: plain tea, plain broth, green jello and apple juice. This is actually a tremendous improvement. Originally I was only allowed to have ice chips today- all day.

The end result is that I can never be induced again (because of the caesarean) and due to the nature of a complication I had for this pregnancy (my midwife thinks it was responsible for this) and for Katherine's pregnancy. God willing, if I ever get pregnant again it will probably be a Cesarean. Even though I am all about being natural, going green and avoiding unnecessary medicines, etc... I am OK with this- even relieved.

All glory to God.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ten days overdue and tea parties

Ten days. You could look at this with misery as I am apt to do. However, it is also:

Ten days of sleeping though the night.
Ten days of taking care of one baby.
Ten days of being able to nap.
Ten days of quiet.

You would think that after a list like that I would be jumping for joy and not depressed that I have been having consistent contractions since yesterday afternoon that seem to be doing nothing. I don't think I would be so bothered if it were not for the threat of being induced by Friday.

So that is the update!

I do have some happy business to report: This is actually old news because I got the set awhile ago. However, this is the first time I have posted a picture.


A very sweet woman from our home parish gave me a vintage set of tea cups, saucers and plates to serve eight. AHHHHH! So awesome! I can't wait to have a tea party.

Here is a closer look of the design in the cup.
I really want to plan a genuine tea party with the works in our back garden after the morning glories bloom (if they ever do- they have been replanted twice now).

Here are some inspirational pictures from Pinterest!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

30% off coupon for pretty dresses.

I have a coupon code for 30% off of the entire Shabby Apple store. I like this store because it has elegant/vintage inspired dresses that are actually modest. Up to this point, I have only window shopped, but I would love to get a dress someday. They have maternity dresses too (that hopefully I won't need for a while.)

And... the coupon is: SUMMER20 

No baby yet!

Birthday photos

Katherine's first birthday was a lot of fun.

To start with, we gave her a present (baby doll) in the morning before her nap. I thought that she might like a doll since there is going to be a newborn in the house and she loves imitating.

After her nap and lunch I broke out her other gift. It was a doll stroller. She loved sitting on the box. She ripped the paper and sat on the box for a long time before getting bored.

After dinner, we gave her a birthday cupcake. Yep, I didn't bake it. I did walk to the bakery though. :)

She politely picked at it for about ten minutes.

As you can see, she did get to making a mess. By this point she had shoved frosting up her nose and was unhappy.

She has been having a lot of fun with her toys.

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