Monday, June 27, 2011

Still here!

Yep, the due date was last Friday as I have been repeating over and over again.

I am still here! I would appreciate your prayers because I DO NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED. I should be allowed to go until sometime next week.

 This is from our trip in Upstate NY earlier this month. Mom took Katherine outside to water the garden. In the end, Katherine was watered too! She loved it. I could hear her sweet baby laugh from inside the house.

A few days ago, we got caught out in a rainstorm. She was in a different stroller than the one in the picture- with no covering. She loved it! When it started raining harder she started laughing.


  1. I didn't get this post for some reason! Oh well. I'm glad you're still doing well and pray you'll be able to do this before the 'cut off'. (c;

  2. oh good luck!!
    newest follower from the tuesday trail hop!
    would love a follow back and say hello!


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