Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freezing baby/toddler food

A common complaint is that kids don't like eating healthy. Well, I figured with Katherine I would just not give her any other options so she would grow to like healthy food (I do not expect this to last long). Of course, we give her treats now and then, but overall she just eats plain fruits and vegetables (along with whole grains and some dairy). Basically it is like this: I boil and cut up broccoli and she goes crazy. I try to give her a diverse range of foods, though it is easy to sometimes get stuck in a rut. The foods that have worked very well so far are:
Brussel Sprouts

I would like to try adding spices to get her used to them too. Up to this point, they have just been served plain.

At any rate, since I am not going to be enjoying cutting and boiling vegetables for her when the baby comes, I have been freezing little day sized bags of them. This way my mom can use them if she would like to while she is watching Katherine (while I am at the hospital). There is plenty, so I can use the rest when I get home.

Brussel sprouts and yams, haha
And yes, that means the baby has not yet come. :)

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