Friday, June 24, 2011

The dark recesses of my mom purse...

I have realized that my purse is now at one of its worst points of all time. A friend was about to watch Katherine for a while yesterday. I drew out my standby can of Cheerios that she could feed her and to my dismay discovered that the lid had popped off- leaving a whole new dimension of scary.

I am about to clean it and thought that in a mix of hilarity and honesty, I would share its evil contents:

Empty Cheerio can and lid
Partially drank bottle of water (covered in Cheerio dust)
Prayer book jammed with random unrelated notes
Ancient iPod (The first nano)
FOUR checkbook registers
Case of hairpins
One baby shoe (The other is in her drawer.)
Work ID
Playing cards

Waterproof case

Toy rat (yes.)
Snoopy toy
Camera & Batteries
Bag of coupons
Pay stub
Ten old receipts
Hand wipes
Old Joanne Fabric flyer
Two hair clips (one smashed)
Appointment cards
Three packs of Starbursts (The mini size, K?)
Seven old gum wrappers
A key
Piece of a keychain
Lid for broken can of Tums

A tum
Scrap paper
Bags of tea

Hundreds of Cheerios

Wow. And I am not telling you what I put back in ;)

Today is my due date.

Thanks Mat. Anna for passing along the Keepin' it Real Award for his one!


  1. Honey, you just won an award for that one!! Wow! (It must be the nesting...)

  2. I love the way you so artfully arranged everything! I purposely carry a very small purse so it doesn't get filled with stuff, but somehow it gets filled with stuff anyhow, and I've taken to also carrying a canvas tote/diaper bag and the occasional yarn craft bag, so, yeah. Also, how did you manage not to have a metric ton of assorted coins at the bottom of your purse??


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